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Save this memory
And donate for a cure

Lancaster's premier athlete portrait service, Creative Sports Photography, will be on hand to provide more ways for you to support this important cause and to elevate your experience with Golf for a Cure 2023.

2023-03-20 Ben Hermansen-2.jpg

This cause is more than just a one-day golf event

Creative Sports Photography will be on hand to provide portrait services for individuals and teams, the kind that's made to print and post prominently in a home or office.


CSP will create for you or your team the kind of bold, dynamic, elite portraits its known for with donation of just $25 for individuals and $35 for teams.

After the tournament, you'll have a chance to purchase high-quality prints and digital products as a way to provide even more support for the Ann B. Barshinger Institute's Impact Fund.

Athlete photography that's meant to be seen

Creative Sports Photography will provide participants in the 2023 Golf for a Cure event the opportunity to purchase high quality prints, keepsakes or digital files of their images.

And CSP pledges to donate 30 percent of all profits from those purchases to the Impact Fund.

It's an exciting way to keep this important day going after the last putt drops. And you'll be supporting the region's premier care facility for those fighting the good fight against cancer.

2023-03-20 Ben Hermansen-75.jpg
2023-03-20 Ben Hermansen-82.jpg

About CSP

Creative Sports Photography supports parents as they strive to be the No. 1 fan of the athlete in their family. CSP provides athlete portrait services for individuals and teams as well as game day coverage. To learn more, click the button below.

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